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Our Indoor and Outdoor Set-ups

A DJ That Can Setup For Any Situation

Our Prices for any DJ packages are individually customized to our client's needs and wants. Just let us know where we are setting up for your event and we'll make it happen. 

Providing music and sound in Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1989.

DJ Eddie Black is your best choice to make your dance party swing!

Indoor and Outdoor Set-ups

Providing music and sound in Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1989.

Complete Indoor and Outdoor Set-ups

We provide complete set-up for all your indoor and outdoor event or party needs.

The DJ will set-up a sound system that is best suited for the size of the room, the number of people in attendance and include a microphone for any guest speeches.

Some outdoor sound set-ups for special events may include block parties, store promos, weddings, corporate events and stampede parties.

If setting up outdoors, we kindly ask you to provide a shelter or tent for the DJ and AC power. The DJ has long extension cords to connect to the power outlet if needed. If no power is available, the DJ can bring a gas generator to run for his power source.

The DJ also can provide battery-powered speakers to set-up in a remote area for a smaller audience, a wedding ceremony, a live solo vocalist or acoustic instrument performance. 

If you require a set-up for sound and a microphone for a musical performance, please see the audio engineer page for more details.

Just let us know to add in any of these special requirements when you contact us for a quote.

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