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Spring Wedding Plans



Spring Wedding Plans

Spring is a busy time for DJ's and also for most everyone who is in the wedding business.

If you are making plans and have not yet finished, put in the time now to get things in order for your big day. Getting everything set for the wedding can be very overwhelming. Just take it step by step, starting with a to-do list and work on things every day and stick to it, not procrastinating. That way everyone is ahead, including the DJ and other professional people who are well informed about the Wedding plans and preparations. When you book your wedding with us, we provide planning and timeline forms for our clients to assist them in their wedding preparation.

As for venues, many are still accepting bookings with reduced capacity numbers. Covid-19 has had a major impact on the entertainment business and the way people can get together for events.

Many indoor events have changed to smaller capacity numbers and that may not work for every bride and groom with a large size of attendees they wish to be there on the wedding day. I have had some clients share with me that with current restrictions due to covid-19, the Canada/US boarder being shut down prevents families and friends not being able to attend the wedding due to living outside the country.

However, many wedding are going ahead with smaller numbers and with plans to be held outside during the summer and fall months.

So far 2021 has been a very busy year for bookings and it will get more so during the summer and into the fall months.

If you are traveling, be sure to check current travel rules, restrictions and possible changes that could effect you. During the summer months hotels can be difficult to find vacancy, so secure your accommodations ahead of time because their guests have pre-booked to secure their reservation. Getting  your travel plans finished is a big thing to check off the list of wedding planning. Just a little reminder so you can fully enjoy that honeymoon you are so looking forward to.

All the long hours of planning will soon go into play. Now just remember to have fun and enjoy your wedding day with your one and only, family, and friends. Keep it simple is my advice.

May your Wedding day be one moment not only to remember the rest of your life but for all your guests too. Big congrats to all those getting married this year, and thanks again to all those who have booked with me. I look forward to being apart of your wedding.

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