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DJ Eddie Black

DJ Eddie offers flexible, customized packages to fit all types of events.

Our prices for any studio editing, production work and selected songs for licensing are individually customized to our client's needs and wants. This way, our prices remain competitively streamlined and put more savings directly into the pocket of the clients.

Providing music and sound in Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1989.

DJ Eddie Black is your best choice to make your dance party swing!

Music Editing and Production Services

Providing Great Audio and Music For Your Project

Recording your Audio

Today music play choices has become popular by using a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device.

They're often found on iTunes and Spotify; however, sometimes they are hosted on a website platform. This form of accessing music can be a perfect way to deliver your daily dose of music whatever your choices might be.

We offer music editing and production work for solo artists. We also create songs and soundtracks for your project, podcast or business.

If you already have a recording, the DJ will need an audio file in wave format . If you don't have that wave audio format, maybe some other format such as MP3 or  AAC format that we could possibly convert if the sound quality is good.

We will need good quality audio track but it is not required to be in stereo. Actually, a mono audio track is preferred for mixing. We can also use a mono audio track for narration, interview and discussion.

It is very important to be able to use very good quality audio before doing any edits.

The DJ will then listen to the audio you have previously recorded and provide further instructions.

If you want the DJ to record your audio or music or help you set-up your recording devices for optimum best recording, we would be happy to assist you.

Using industry tools for recording audio is preferred. Most mobile phones will not make a clear recording and therefor will not produce a good product.

We use music industry platforms for recording audio.

Just provide us with the details when you contact us for a quote.

Audio and Music Editing

The DJ will need high quality audio file in wave format to work with. If you don't have that format we may be able to convert it if the sound quality is  good.

To start, the DJ will need to import the audio you have previously recorded.

The DJ will start arranging your previously recorded tracks and qualify them to see if they are workable audio files.

If any edits need to be done, he will advise you to revise your tracks.

After mixing the audio, the DJ will then normalize the sound level.

After the sound level has been completed, he will send you a audio file or your music back to you for your review.

The DJ offers a good selection of original music for license if you don't have your own sound track available. He can also make a soundtrack customized just for you.

Finally the DJ will export your finished product as an mp3 and wave file.

The DJ will edit your audio or music to provide you with a product to you liking and satisfaction.

Just let us know about the specifics when you contact us for a quote.

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