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Audio Engineer Service

DJ Eddie offers flexible, customized packages to fit all types of events.

Our Prices for any DJ package are individually customized to our client's needs and wants. This way, our prices remain competitively streamlined and put more savings directly into the pocket of the clients.

Providing music and sound in Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1989.

DJ Eddie Black is your best choice to make your dance party swing!

audio/sound engineer

Providing Sound For Any Situation

Audio/Sound Engineer Service

We provide complete set-ups for the technical side of the wedding ceremony and for live musical  performances while producing a enjoyable and comfortable sound for the audience.

The DJ is skilled to set-up a sound system indoors or outdoors for wedding ceremonies for your musicians live performance, setting up microphones, balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization, audio effects, mixing, and controlling the sound volume.

This is a service that definitely requires a skilled person, who not only has experience but knows where to place the microphone.

If you would like the music performance recorded, we can take care of the set-up and make that happen. We look after everything so all your musicians have to do is bring their instruments.

For wedding ceremonies, if there are no musical performances, the DJ will play instrumental background music while your family and guests arrive and are being seated. The DJ plays selected song choices from the bride and groom for the wedding ceremony.

Please visit the indoor/outdoor set-up page for more set-up details.

If you have two set-ups that will be needed for the DJ, that is no problem. Just let us know to add this in when you contact us for a quote.

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